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Call at local rates when you are in Thailand using a Thai SIM card and give out your new Thai number before you even leave home!

When traveling abroad, the question of what to do with your mobile phone often comes up.

Should you bring it but keep it switched off? Only use your phone for sms to keep costs down? Should you Answer calls from home? Should you use it to call the hotels, restaurants or the airline and confirm the reservation?

Due to the high costs of roaming, the more your phone is used abroad, the higher the costs will be - until now.

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Order your SIM card by selecting the solution of your choice, 12Call, DTAC happy or TRUE Move, here below and be up and running with your new number before you even arrive in Thailand.

The SIM cards come pre-loaded with local talk time , ready to go (extra top-up cards can be bought at 7-11 in Thailand, just ask for e.g. 1-2-call, if you are using the AIS service). In order to ensure a convenient flexible solutions the SIM cards also do not lock your phone. You can switch smoothly back to you normal SIM at any time. The SIM card will be sent to you directly by airmail.

Thailand SIM Cards

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Thailand SIM Cards



When travelling, it is well known that you should be careful how you use your mobile phone. Roaming charges tend to be surprisingly high, and most people do not like to return home to a huge phone bill. However, for your next trip to Thailand, there is a smart and simple way to get full usage of your phone while abroad, at local rates:

You simply buy a Thai SIM card before you leave.

This makes it easy to give your number to people before you leave, and you have usage of your phone at local Thai rates from the moment you land. This makes calling hotels, restaurants, your airline or embassy so much easier and more convenient. Just like home, you can just pick up the phone with your Thai SIM card when the need arises, without the issue of roaming charges in the back of your mind.

If you are travelling with your family, buying a Thailand SIM card before you leave also means you do not have to worry about getting lost or separated. You are always only a phone call away from each other and your hotel or travel agent. You do not have to worry about being out of touch.

As a business traveller, a Thailand SIM card also means you are easily reachable for local business partners, without them having to call internationally in order to reach you, something that will often result them being more hesitant to call you.

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A local Thai mobile number also eliminates financial considerations on whether or not to keep the phone on or whether to pick up calls. You can answer (or choose not to) solely based on your own convenience. With a Thai SIM card, you can be available if you so choose without having to pay roaming charges for it.



Very Convenient


"Having a local number gave me full use of my mobile phone on my vacation when I wanted it. It just made everything easier."

Charles Broyles - Derby, England


A local Thai SIM card does not lock your phone in any way. So if you ever have the need to, you can change the SIM card in a second and use your own normal number. It is completely hassle free.

Also note that the SIM cards can be used to make international calls. However, it is of course at higher rates than normal local calls.

The mobile phone networks in Thailand cover the whole country, so you are not limited to e.g. Bangkok. With our Thai SIM cards, you can use your phone directly from e.g. some of the best beaches in the world. So feel free to call or sms home directly from paradise.

When you purchase a Thai SIM card through us for one of the three main networks, AIS, DTAC and TRUE, we sent it directly to you when the order is received. SIM cards are shipped by airmail, so expect 7-10 work days before the SIM card arrives. The delivery also contains a short instruction on how to use and recharge the Thai SIM card.


Easy for family and friends


"Being able to give out a number I could be reached at before I left made it much easier to go on vacation. Family and friends always knew how to reach me if the need arose"

Rika Borudin - Helsinki, Finland

A Thailand Sim Card offers numerous additional benefits and features for you as a visitor to Thailand, including;

  • You do not need a contract, monthly subscription or anything of the sort. With a Thai SIM card, you just enjoy your holiday. There will not be any big phone bill to return to.
  • Our Thai SIM cards do not lock your phone. You can switch back and forth between your local Thailand SIM card and your regular SIM card any time.
  • Prepaid credit is included on the card. You just insert the SIM into your un-locked GSM mobile phone and start calling the minute you land in Thailand.
  • Your Thai SIM card incudes a free voice mail service. Your phone will receive and hold your messages while you enjoy your holiday or sleeping. Call back at your convenience!
  • Your phone credit can be easily recharged with a top-up card, available in any 7-11.
  • You can make both local and international calls with your Thai SIM card.
  • You can send and receive SMS with your Thai SIM card. SMS can be sent both locally and internationally.

Once we receive your order, we will send the SIM card directly to you at no extra charge. Shipping is done by airmail, with an average delivery time of 7-14 days, mainly depending on your local mail delivery service. It is that convenient.

Order here to have a Thai SIM card shipped directly to you before you leave for Thailand. This offers you full usage of your phone, with calls at local rates and a number where you can be reached, while you are in Thailand.


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